Thursday, June 9, 2011

Winter Loves Esteban!

My first ever gay crush was Estebanfrom the
80's cartoon "The Mysterious Cities of Gold."

I was around 8-years old when I first saw the show, and I was incredibly drawn to his character.

Even then, I felt different from my peers. And the way he gathers other outcasts to join him on his travels, was my first glimpse into building a family of choice.

There was a scene where he bathes naked in a river, and I have a vague memory of my mom scolding me for getting too close to the TV screen, as I stared in rapt fascination. I found out years later that she told my grandmother she suspected I might be gay.

I'm sure that I mentioned to a few people that I "really liked" Esteban. I don't know if I was obvious about it being a crush, though. I guess I wouldn't have made any effort to hide it, because I didn't realize that most boys didn't crush on other boys. That realization came when I was older.

Winter - Raymond, NH

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