Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bobby Loves Ricky Schroder!

My first gay crush was Ricky Schroder.

The first time I saw Ricky was in "The Last Flight of Noah's Ark" in 1980.

I was only 9, but I remember being jealous of his friend in the movie, and I wanted desperately to be his best friend.

I didn't understand my feelings, but I know I was obsessed with wanting to know more about him.

I made my parents rent "The Champ" just so I could watch more of the boy with the blonde hair and the bright blue eyes.

By the time Ricky was in "Silver Spoons" in 1982,
my crush had developed to the point that I would hide my sister's Tiger Beat magazines, so I could look at the pictures of Ricky, alone by myself.

I still hadn't figured out exactly why I wanted to know as much about him as possible, as I stared at every picture and read about his "likes/dislikes." But I did know that these feelings were to be kept hidden, especially from my older brother.

I feel like I grew up with Ricky, and by the time I recognized this crush on him during "Silver Spoons," I started to come to terms with the idea that I was gay. While I wouldn't come out to my family for many years, I'll always remember my first crush.

Bobby - West Hollywood, CA
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Phoenix Justice said...

My first crush was on Ricky as well. Watching him on Silver Spoons was amazing and then to see him in more "grown up" roles, shirtless about sent me into convulsions.

Too bad he came out as a Republican, but not all of our crushes can be everything we want them to be.

Seeing_I said...

Ricky was my first or one of my first crushes as well. I was 8 or 9 when SIlver Spoons came on, and it was my favorite show instantly. I used to imagine hanging out with his character on that show - and hated Justin Bateman for being such a rat! LOL (And I didn't even know about the Corn Baller then!)