Friday, June 17, 2011

Victor Loves Robert Conrad!

My first gay crush was
actor Robert Conrad.

I've known I liked boys since I was 4. But by the time puberty hit at age 11? I knew I liked men!

I had boy crushes, but my biggest thrill was Friday nights, watching the hot man who wore THE tightest pants in TV history:

Mr. Robert Conrad on
"The Wild Wild West."

He played a daredevil Secret Service agent named James T. West on the campy show. His character was a "real man" who did a lot of acrobatic stunts, often took his shirt off, and got tied up a lot.

Whoah! I didn't know anything about camp, let alone bondage and discipline. But I know I sure liked to see him tied up and shirtless.

My taste in men has changed over the years, but you never forget your first - with tight pants, sexy furry chest, and a glint in his blue eyes,

I realized way back in '65 you really can't separate the men from the boys -- except for maybe with a crowbar.

Victor - New York, NY

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