Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jack Loves Tim Considine!

My first gay crush was 50's teen actor, Tim Considine.

At my age, the straight world might call me an 'old-timer.'

In gay terms, I guess that makes me a fossil? Thus, I imagine few others would remember my first gay crush?

And back in the 1950's, my mom worked at a time when few mothers did, so I often came home to an empty house.

Rather than playing ball outside with the other kids, I ran home to watch TV, where I sat absorbing what the world was going to be for me.

While I eyed several of The Mousketeers on "The Mickey Mouse Club," my heart truly belonged to Tim Considine. He also played Spin on TV's "Spin & Marty."

As I was shipped off to YMCA camp every summer, that was more fertile ground for forming crushes. And the experience of bunking with other boys cemented my self-casting as Marty. He was the not-cool, self-sufficient kid whose buddy knew his way around.

And who wore jeans that actually fit.

And for sure, Tim Considine gave me a funny feeling in the groin area. Although, there was that friend of my dads who drove a Harley and wore boots and leather, too. But that's another story altogether...

Jack - Upstate, NY
Walt Disney Treasures - The Adventures of Spin & Marty - The Mickey Mouse ClubSPIN AND MARTY (David Stollery & Tim Considine) 8x10 Cast Celebrity Photo Signed In-PersonMy Three Sons - Season One, Vol. 2

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Ben said...

I just discovered this site a few days ago and was about to submit my own First Gay Crush and it was TIM CONSIDINE!!!

I loved watching Spin and Marty (I'm old enough, also, to be a fossil and I was a Marty, too). As Jack said, Tim Considine gave me a funny feeling, in a good way.

Thanks, Jack for posting and confirming that TC was a great First Gay Crush.

FDeF said...

I do remember Spin and Marty and was infatuated with Spin. Why do we all seem to have a crush on Spin and not Marty? Interesting.

Simonsez said...

You've got good taste!