Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ed Loves Kirk Cameron!

My first gay crush was Kirk Cameron on "Growing Pains."

And I guess I'm really ashamed to admit it, considering what a raging homophobe he is today.

There were probably earlier crushes I ignored, but my first serious crush around age 15 was Kirk Cameron. 

Yep... My crush was the Bible-carrying, gay-hating, 'Stephen Hawking is an idiot and evolution is a LIE!'-spewing Mike Seaver.

But back then? I would have rather severed a limb than miss an episode of "Growing Pains!" Just the title of the show is quite suitable for the way that I was feeling at the time.

Too bad I never had the courage to admit it...
Not then, and not today 25 years later. I may be alone, but at least I'm not married & living a lie.

Ed - Iron Mountain, MI
Growing Pains: The Complete First SeasonThe Antigay Agenda: Orthodox Vision and the Christian RightPerfect Enemies: The Battle Between the Religious Right and the Gay Movement

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Feral Tech said...

One of my first commands as Emperor of Earth will be "have Kirk Cameron bathed and brought to me", lol

Anonymous said...

good call he was very cute and had a great bubble butt!!its a shame he turned into such a religious nut.