Monday, June 20, 2011

Bjørn Loves Matt Dillon!

My first gay crush was
definitely Matt Dillon.

On May 22nd, I celebrated the 25th anniversary of coming out to myself.

Obviously, it's fairly difficult to pinpoint that kind of an event accurately.

But I have the proof, from when I was 14-years old:

This 5/22/86 diary entry first mentions I might be gay. The reason I wrote what I did, was from seeing that photo of Matt Dillon in a magazine.

Matt sure had an impact on me. Because what I wrote (in Norwegian) in the diary says:

"I don't know if I'm gay, but he certainly is very sexy. I have no more to say, other than that I hope I'm turned on that much by sexy girls."

Well now, 25 years later, I can assure you that never happened ... :-)

Bjørn - Stange, Norway

Inspired by the "Born This Way Blog" -

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