Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Gustavo Loves Josh Hartnett!

I had my first gay crush when I was about 10.
It was Josh Hartnett in the movie "Pearl Harbor."

At that time I don't think I even knew what being gay was.

But I did know there was something about it that made me go crazy.

Many people didn't like this movie, claiming that it was too slow or too romantic to be considered a real war movie. 

As if I cared!

I asked my dad to buy it for me and he agreed.

He must have thought, "That's a war movie, the kind of movie I want my boy watching." Ha! Little did he know (or myself, for that matter) that the real reason I loved this movie was the fact that I was developing an early fixation for men in uniform.

When I finally got my hands on the DVD, I found myself watching the sex scene between Josh and Kate Beckinsale over and over again. I have never in my life been so jealous of a person, as I was of her.

I soon realized I didn't like this movie for the same reason as other boys. And to this day, I think dog tags are the sexiest accessory a man can wear.

Gustavo - Milan, Italy

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