Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chuck Loves Scott Baio!

OK, so it's obvious:
Scott Baio was my first gay crush.

Well, probably not my first. My first crush was Superman when I was 5.

But that's just way too embarrassing to write about.

Scott and I were the same age when he was cast on "Happy Days." And it was love at first sight.

I immediately grew my hair like his. Unfortunately, I didn't have the matching face to go with it...

Anyway, I was such a dork, I even wrote a fan letter to the producers of "Happy Days" telling them how much better the show was with Scott. 

Is there anything more gay than that?

I think my Homo Membership Card arrived in the mail that week. But did Scott ever call to thank me for getting him "Joanie Loves Chachi"? I don't think so. But, as Chachi used to say, "Wa, wa, wa!"

Chuck - New York City, NY

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Joey Loves Neil Patrick Harris!

My first gay crush was Neil Patrick Harris
as "Doogie Howser, MD."

I was slightly younger than he was during the run of the show, and he was the reason I knew I was gay.

And I remember I refused to watch the episode where he lost his virginity, because he wasn't doing it with me!


I got to meet Neil about 10 years ago while bowling with the Broadway Bowling League. He was bowling with the cast of Cabaret in the lane next to me,
and I almost had a panic attack.

Luckily, I had a friend on my team who knew him and he introduced me. And I didn't babble and I didn't fawn all over him. Nope, I played it cool and didn't even mention Doogie Howser, thankfully.

I wanted to say he was the reason I knew I was gay, but this was before he'd come out. So I didn't want to offend him. Now that he's out, I wish he knew!

Joey - New Hampshire
Doogie Howser, M.D.: Season TwoWhat Would Neil Patrick Harris Do WWNPHD Movie Poster Print - 13x19NEIL PATRICK HARRIS 24X36 COLOUR POSTER PRINT
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Daniel Loves Cat Stevens!

The first gay crush I remember
vividly was singer Cat Stevens.

This was during the 70's, and I was about 12-years old.

I loved looking at his shaggy hair and full beard and moustache.

And bare shoulders!

This photo is from the huge poster that hung on my wall for years. I bought all his albums and listened obsessively. Being a sensitive soul, I loved his music. And I still do.

"I'm being followed by a moon shadow…"

Daniel - Gulfport, FL

Tea for the Tillerman: LiveCat Stevens - Greatest HitsCAT STEVENS 8X10 COLOR PHOTO
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Neil Loves Johnny Crawford!

I've had more than my share of gay crushes, but my first was Johnny Crawford in "The Rifleman."

This was back in the late 50's when I was around 10-years old.

I've loved him ever since, and always will.

The only time it was embarrassing?

Explaining to my parents why I collected his records into my teens.

Neil - Loveland, OH

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David Loves Tom Selleck!

I had several male crushes,
but Tom Selleck was my first gay crush.

I was 9-years old when "Magnum PI" premiered.

Tom Selleck has a fantastic smile, gorgeous hair, a hairy chest, and great legs. As we have both grown older, he is still gorgeous.

At the time, I did not understand my feelings.
But I knew I was enamored with him. Luckily, my big sister also had a major crush on Tom, and my dad liked private investigator shows. So we all watched "Magnum PI" every week.

As I grew older and came out of the closet,
I realized I was attracted to men with similar physical qualities as Tom Selleck.

The first time I heard about Tom Selleck staring in "In & Out" playing a gay man, I was thrilled. One night a friend came over and we rented the movie.
I literally squealed with delight when Selleck gave Kevin Klein (another cute guy) a kiss on the mouth.

My friend looked at me oddly, but I didn’t care. It was one of the sexiest kisses I had seen in my life!

David - Fargo, ND
Magnum P.I. - The Complete Fourth SeasonIn & OutTOM SELLECK 8X10 PHOTO

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Jason Loves Jim Palmer!

My first gay crush was baseball player Jim Palmer.

I was about 8-years old and infatuated with the Jockey underwear ads featuring him.

So much so, I cut the ads out, folded them into discreet squares, and hid them in my Ziggy pencil box.

During the summer vacation, I went to stay with my grandfather in Colorado. While on vacation, I even posed like my dear Jim Palmer for pics to send back to mom.

Of course, this was my own little secret.

At the same time I was posing, at home my mother decided to surprise me by redecorating my bedroom in an "Empire Strikes Back" theme. She pulled out all the stops: Empire wallpaper, sheets, bedspread, and a Star Wars Estes Rocket hanging from the ceiling.

The one change I wasn't so excited about, was a new "Empire Strikes Back" pencil box. The minute I saw that, my heart sank. I though for sure my mother had come across my Jim Palmer in skivvies pic stash, and I would be in trouble for sure.

It's sad to think back at the idea that I would be punished for that. But now at 40, my mother and I have a good laugh about it!

Jason - San Francisco, CA
Jim Palmer Signed Orioles 8x10 Photo1987 Jim Palmer Jockey Underwear Photo Print Ad (44870)Hot Jocks: Gay Erotic Stories

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Jennifer Loves Julie Andrews!

My first gay crush was Victor Grezinski of "Victor/Victoria," with Julie Andrews
in the starring role.

It was Christmas 1984, just before my 12th birthday, and my whole family watched this movie together.

I felt completely betrayed when Victor gave up her life in drag to be with a man. And I only wanted to be alone with my feelings.

Afterwards, I was in a sort of daze and obsessed with this person, indeed jealous that others might get to know her as I did. I fantasized about meeting her, and what I'd say to her. Unfortunately, I was 21 before I felt comfortable enough to explain my fascination with her!

Though many others followed, she remains my first crush.

Jennifer - North Carolina
Victor/VictoriaThe Drag King BookJULIE ANDREWS 8x10 COLOR PHOTO

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Tony Loves Erik Estrada!

My first gay crush was Erik Estrada. I was 8!

And there he was as I watched every week on the "CHiPS" TV show.

Seeing Ponch in tight pants, straddling his motorcycle, was the start of it all for me.

I didn't even know what it all meant at that age, but I know I was transfixed to the show!

Tony - Philadelphia, PA


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Mike Loves Randy Mantooth!

My first gay crush was Randy Mantooth.

I was 7-years old when I first saw him as
paramedic Johnny Gage on the TV show "Emergency!"

I remember watching this show for the first time, sitting on the floor at my grandparent's house in California. When he appeared on the screen, I was immediately captivated. I'd watch the show anytime
I could, never following the story, just him.

The creepy thing that I realize now, is that he played a paramedic/firefighter - and my dad was a firefighter for 30 years! Does this mean that I should find myself a good therapist?

My grandmother was a huge Liberace fan, and always watched his TV specials. And I remember the chauffeur that drove his Rolls Royce was hot, too. LOL!

Mike - Seattle, WA
Emergency! Season OneBackdraft: Fireman EroticaBehind the Candelabra (My Life With Liberace)

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