Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Barbara Loves Yvette Mimieux!

I was around 10-years old, and my first gay crush
was 1960's actress Yvette Mimieux.

As the frail, emo girl in "Where The Boys Are," Yvette needed to be rescued. And I was just the one to do it.

Then on TV in 1964, she was Dr. Kildare's one true love.

As a surfer girl with epilepsy, she couldn'
t give up surfing, even though her condition made it dangerous.

That sealed my obsession with Yvette. I fantasized about saving her from fatal surfing accidents, and making her promise to only go surfing with me.

I had a relationship with another Yvette as an adult. And the theme was pretty much the same.

Barbara - Woodstock, NY
Where the Boys Are"Toys In The Attic Movie Still (Yvette Mimieux pin-up)YVETTE MIMIEUX 11X14 COLOR PHOTO
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