Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tony Loves Sgt. Knox!

My first gay crush was Sgt. Knox.

I was age 7 in 1980, and I was addicted to Japanese Anime.

Growing up outside of Boston, I would watch "Star Blazers" on TV, religiously at 3PM every weekday on the UHF dial.

Remember the UHF dial, people?

The show centered around a crew following a signal from a distant planet. On the way there, they picked up a bunch of Space Marines from the edge of our solar system, to help save the Earth.

The leader of those space marines was a man named Sgt. KnoxAnd in a moment, my taste in men was formed for the rest of my life.

Knox was loud, brash, and occasionally crude. Built like a Mack truck, he didn't take crap from anyone. The American dub featured a voice actor who sounded like he was from Long Island or New Jersey, which only made him even more compelling.

I suppose the subtextual military homoeroticism might have set off my nascent Gaydar, but I think the scene where we got to see Knox bare-assed also may have been a factor. And I was in love.

Those eyebrows! Those teeth! That huge f*cking gun!
His belt had a lot of pouches, like a handy lesbian.


Since my first gay crush was a cartoon character, there wasn't much chance of meeting him in real life. But he secured my attraction to square-jawed bears. They protect you from aliens!!!

Tony - Los Angeles, CA

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foresightreviews said...

wait. i have the star blazers dvds. in which episode is there naked butt because i must see this for myself!