Thursday, June 16, 2011

Paul Loves Paul Michael Glaser!

My first gay crush was Paul Michael Glaser,
aka Starsky on TV's "Starsky & Hutch."

I was around 9-years old, and I was so in love with Starsky

He was special to me, because I didn't even know what gay meant.

I hadn't even heard that word at that point, so it was really just me going on pure instinct.

I remember my family and I were watching an episode where Starsky took off all his clothes, so Hutch had something to take into the laundermat to wash. When I saw Starsky in all his shirtless, towel-wrapped glory, just showing off that hairy chest? Dayum!

I knew there was something special about this man. Then, I said, out loud to my family:

"Who do you guys think is cuter? 
Starsky or Hutch?"

My 14-year old brother turned and said, "Why are you asking that? Guys don’t ask stupid questions like that!" I felt so stupid after that, I never said anything like that again. And I learned to keep those thoughts to myself.

Regardless, I think Paul Michael Glaser is how my fetish for hairy chested, darker-toned, butch men must have started.

Paul - San Jose, CA

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Richard G said...

I grew up in L A Calif watching Starsky & Hutch & fell in love with "Paul Michael Glaser." I also like the blond guy from "Chips."