Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Joe Loves Jordan Knight!

The year? 1989. My age? 12. And I had something in common with every pre-pubescent girl of the day.

I was obsessed with New Kids On The Block!

And for one reason:


Yes I am a dork and know his full name. I also know his birthday, May 17. Don't judge me.

I thought he was "cool" - but little did I know what "cool" really meant.

I loved his big brown eyes, rat tail, dance moves, his VOICE, and of course that SMILE.

Celebrity crushes have come and gone over the years. But Jordan will always be my first. 
I even professed my love for him via Twitter, to no avail. Sigh.

Did I mention he's gotten better with age?

Joe - Chicago, IL

New Kids On The Block: Greatest Hits - The VideosUnfinishedSinger Jordan Knight 8"x10" Color Concert Photo

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bomitoni said...

Thank you for posting my submission!!! I've told my friends to contribute as well. Love the idea of the blog! XOXO JOE.

.dita. said...

After reading this I went on a youtube frenzy watching old NKOTB videos. You had a great entry. I hope Jordan acknowledges you on twitter some day :) <3