Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sean Loves Sean Marshall!

Sean Marshall my my first gay crush.
Well, sort of. Keep reading...

I was a very awkward child, both physically and socially.

I had this idea that everyone in the world was my best friend, and so I behaved accordingly. Well, imagine my disappointment. Also imagine that I had no defense against liking people who thought I was a total oddball.

Then I saw Disney's "Pete's Dragon," and I wanted to be best friends with Pete. I had no idea who Sean Marshall was, which was fine because he wasn't part of my crush. Pete was.

Here was a kid who was an outsider in his adopted family and in the town he landed in. It felt like that was me on the screen, except Pete had a pet dragon to be his defender. Luckily, it just so happened I liked dragons! And overalls!

I imagined we would talk about mythical animals we could strike down our enemies with. And wanting to look the opposite of how I had to dress in Catholic school. No polyester shirts! Yay!

I've never told anyone this, probably because it reveals too much about my psychology. But just wait till I post it on Facebook...

Sean - Erie, PA
Pete's Dragon (High-Flying Edition)Disney's Pete's Dragon Elliot 7" Plush BeanieWalt Disney Productions: Pete's Dragon

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Seeing_I said...

Me too! I am digging into my own memory and finding that Sean Marshall (Pete's Dragon), Ricky Schroeder (Silver Spoons), Philip McKeon (Alice) and Matthew Laborteaux (Little House on the Praire) were my earliest proto-crushes.

Specifically, Pete's Dragon was my favorite movie (other than Star Wars!) for a long time, and I remember singing along to the soundtrack LP just ENDLESSLY. My favorite characters were Ma Gogan & the quack Doctor (divas & hams, my favorite dish!) but I wanted to be Pete's friend so so badly. Even if we had to be secret, special friends, like he was with Elliot. Hmmmm...