Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jamie Loves Parker Stevenson!

My first gay crush?
Parker Stevenson!

Shaun Cassidy was the favored Hardy Boy, but Parker was my man.

He was blonde, beautiful, tall, and more masculine than 'Mr. Da Doo Ron Ron.'

And he looked way better in tight jeans than Pamela Sue Martin ever did...

By the time he got to "Baywatch" - and became Kirstie Alley's "Big One" - he was prime beef.

He joins Lee Majors, John Schneider, and Jameson Parker in my all-time, gay crush hall of fame.

Jamie - Whitehall, OH
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Anonymous said...

Such a great website! As a straight female 70s kid this is bringing back awesome memories I had Shaun Cassidy & Leif Garret & Andy Gibb all over my walls. Remember the velvet color yourself posters? Lol I had an Andy Gibb one with all his hit songs in star shapes. I must say the gay community express things in such an honest humorous self reflecting way I've always felt like a gay woman (gay man?) trapped in a hopelessly attracted to masculine sometimes close minded men straight girls body! Make sense? Anyway very fun stuff!