Sunday, June 19, 2011

Doug Loves Guy Williams!

My first gay crushes: the men on "Lost In Space." It was quite an alluring show for me.

Growing up in my small town,
I lived mostly in a land of make-believe, while other kids busied themselves with sports. Then "Lost In Space" came along and I fell in love.

I wanted a father figure like Prof. Robinson. He was a stern authoritarian, but also so kind and gentle. Everything my white-collar dad was not.

What I imagined our relationship would be, I can't say. But I knew I wanted Guy Williams to hold me.

And then there was Mark Goddard as Don. There was something special about the way he wore his belt down over his hips, like a gunslinger in outer space. Or perhaps the sexual sparks he emitted with Judy.

My make-believe fantasies included Prof. Robinson and Don together in much different, confusing ways.

I really wanted to be Will Robinson, and I imagined myself traveling to distant planets with my pet Robot. It was quite the fantasy for me. 

Everyone on the show (except the annoying Dr. Smith) set off some radar along the way. Even Debbiethat weird chimp!

"Lost in Space" helped me realize I might be more "different" than I could have ever imagined.

Doug - Ellwood City, PA

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Anonymous said...

Wow, this almost exactly the same growing up. Not sure what it was at the time but wanted my father to be just like him, who was also Italian by the way. Not too many in film back then.

Had 2 older sisters just like the show and dreamed of being Will Robinson. Even my mother was that strong mother type Registers Nurse with a full time career, which was rare back in those days. The mother on the show was supposed to be a doctor I think.

Our family was always moving from house to house fixing them up. So I got the whole isolation thing being on anther planet I could relate.

Anyway, I still have a man crush on Guy Williams, wish I could have grown up to be more like his character in the show.

There are rumors he was gay, moved to Brazil (where the hottest gay men are) but he also had a son and wife so who knows, they all did that back then.

Google his screen test, it's amazing, his cool swagger is something not seen on the show.

Anthony hatcher said...
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