Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hillery Loves Bobby Sherman!

My first gay crush was Bobby Sherman.
I loved his long hair and his smile.

I'm a 47-year old gay guy who has a very vivid memory of my first gay crush, though I'm not sure I was aware what it all meant at the time.

I had seen Bobby on "Here Comes The Brides," a hybrid comedy/drama western TV show. I'd also seen some of his records as cardboard cutouts on the back of Post Cereal boxes.

My memory is of me marching into kindergarten one morning, and telling all my friends that I had a dream that Bobby Sherman kissed me. I can still remember a lot of the details of that day very well (weird, I know). No one seemed to raise an eyebrow. A few kids said that was cool, and then we went back to playing at recess.

Much, much later I discovered this video of Bobby singing "Easy Come, Easy Go," my favorite song of his. Have you ever seen a hotter, tighter pair of leather pants?!?

I'm glad I didn't see that video when I was young, or I'm sure my head would have exploded from the excitement/hormones, etc. This memory is the thing I point to when asked whether I think I was born gay.
And I would say "Yes, I was"

I didn't act on my sexuality until much later,
but Bobby Sherman is the first gay-related memory
I have. And the memory is very strong to this day.

Hillery - Atlanta, GA
Here Come the Brides - The Complete First SeasonEasy Come, Easy GoSherman, Bobby Autographed/Hand Signed 8x10 Photo
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Lightning Baltimore said...

Hahahahaha . . . now I see where Axl Rose got his dance moves!

I remember Bobby, but never had a crush on him (I, too, am 47).

wayne said...

fellow ATLien here. i too had my first crush on Bobby Sherman.

wayne said...

my story is at born this gay blog>
and i run this NSFW Tumbr>