Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kathy Loves Lindsay Wagner!

It was 1976, I was 11, and my first gay crush
was Lindsay Wagner, as TV's "The Bionic Woman"

I watched "The Six Million Dollar Man," and loved that a female bionic character was introduced. 

And then she got her own show!

I was in my 20's when I FINALLY figured it out that I was gay.

And realized why I was so transfixed by Lindsay Wagner so long ago. I had a mad crush on that hot woman!

Jaime Sommers was athletic, independent, and smart.
She had speedy legs and a tennis-ball-crushing arm.
But she also had confidence and a wonderful gentleness, all wrapped up in that unpretentious, naturally beautiful face and body.

She was undeniably sexy, but didn't need to act frilly or bat her eyelashes. She was a bit of a tomboy like me, and I wanted to be like her. I even wished she could be my 6th grade school teacher.

I didn't understand my feelings back then, but even in my naive pre-pubescence, I knew my fascination with her went beyond that of my friends who also watched the show. Now I understand.

I've had more gay crushes over the years: Kate Jackson in "Charlie's Angels," Kristy McNichol in "Family," Kelly McGillis in "Top Gun," and the ubiquitous gay girl crush on Nancy McKeon in "The Facts of Life."
But it's true: we never forget our first crush.

Thinking of Lindsay still makes me smile today.
We should get together to discuss our Sleep Numbers... ;)

Kathy - Portland, OR

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