Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Curtis Loves David Gallagher!

My first gay crush was actor David Gallagher!

He played Simon Camden on the "7th Heaven" TV show. 

I had never seen it though, as there was no WB affiliate where I lived. 

But then in 1997, TV Guide featured it. 

As I looked into his eyes, I loved his smile, and his perfectly parted hair.

I was a naive 13 year old that year, and all I knew was that I got this warm feeling inside just looking at him. 

I wanted to be near him.

And to be like him. 

Being a blond with green eyes myself, I held the
TV Guide up to the mirror and tried to style my hair the same way. I kept that issue at the head of my bed for nearly a year, saying I liked one of the articles in it. 

A year later, I was literally in my OWN 7th heaven when my parents sprung to pay for for DishTV

Not only could I watch all the new episodes, but WGN ran many reruns all day. I stayed home sick from school as often as I could to catch them. 

My mom loved that I had taken a liking to such a "wholesome show."

If she only knew the unwholesome things I dreamt of while watching David!

Curtis - Aztec, New Mexico

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