Wednesday, June 1, 2011

George Loves Ricky Nelson!

My first gay crush was when I was 11, and started realizing I was attracted to men. I actually had four, all at the same time. I used to buy popular starlet magazines and save pix of them when I saw they were featured. My 4 gay crushes were:

Ricky Nelson
I watched "Ozzie & Harriet" all the time,
just to see him.

Tab Hunter
I fell in love with that cute face the first time
I saw the movie of "Damn Yankees." I met him
and even appeared on stage with him in a production of "Here Lies Jeremy Troy" years later.

Tommy Sands
He was from Houston where I grew up,
and strangely enough, I always wondered WHY he married Nancy Sinatra. Even at age 11,
that seemed out of character to me.

Troy Donahue
I fell in love with this hunk of a star when
I read in a magazine, under a column called
"Secrets Of Your Idols," that he slept naked.

Alas, Ricky and Troy are dead, and Tab and Tommy have become multi-millionaire real estate moguls. Tab declared himself gay, which is wonderful. They claim Troy was not gay, but I'm still not convinced.

George - Royal Oak, MI

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3 comments: said...

That's amazing. I just found this site and the first person I went looking for was Ricky Nelson. Young Emotions, still one of my favorite songs. i knew he was singing to me. More Frankie Avalon for me, not Tommy Sands but Tab Hunter and Troy Donahue...what can I say. I got to see Ricky Nelson at the Muny Opera, Forest Park, St. Louis in the 80's. What a night!

MaleCeleb said...

When I think of all the hot sexy famous men I have seen and loved over the yrs, male celebs, idols, singers that Ricky Nelson has to be one of if not the best looking most handsome man ever or at least one of the top 2 to me.

Anonymous said...

I still adore Troy Donahue. What a sweet guy. I loved his blond hair with black roots. He lives forever in my memory. Rest in peace, sweet prince.