Monday, March 10, 2014

Dor Loves George Michael!

My first gay crush was George Michael! 
Oh, those white teeth and charming smile. 

In 1984 I was 14, and Wham! had just come into my life. Somehow Annie Lennox was also on the list as she was so damn androgynous and amazing.
And Boy George was on my list as well.

But George Michael was my main man, my young gun, and my careless whisper all rolled into one lovely Grecian God!

I used to imagine that "Club Tropicana" was a real place and I dreamed of working there. 

To this day, Wham! remains in my music mix and George remains a full blown crush, alas only figuratively.  

When George came out, I was so relieved and happy for him. With that white speedo and sparkling smile, I think we all knew it all along. 

Long live the 80's! 

Dor - Portland, Oregon 

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