Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Michael Loves Shaun Cassidy!

When I was 7, I discovered my first gay crush:
His name was Shaun Cassidy.

He was a "Tiger Beat" heart throb, who was also a pretty good singer. I listened to all his albums, and dreamily gazed into his eyes on the covers.

And, I wondered what it would be like to kiss him on the lips.

In 1977 in suburban Chicago, I didn't have words to express my feelings.

I didn't know what being gay meant or that there was even a word for it.

But, I did know that Shaun was something special.
He was the only reason I watched "The Hardy Boys" on TV. Well, Pamela Sue Martin as Nancy Drew was also pretty fierce.

This video clip is really pretty hot. Shaun's kinda beefy, and when he's sweaty and showing his armpit? OMG! It's almost porn.

I never met Shaun, and my crush is well over.
Although, his songs do still rotate in my iPod.

Michael - San Francisco, CA
Shaun Cassidy Greatest HitsThe Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries - Season OneTiger Beat Super Posters 1977 (Shaun Cassidy cover)

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