Monday, June 6, 2011

Jules Loves Zachary Quinto!

My first gay crush was Zachary Quinto
as Sylar/Gabriel Gray on "Heroes."

I know it wasn't the best show, but for some reason I kept watching. Not a big mystery with him on the show.

So, at age 14, I was head over heels for a telekinetic serial killer, who cut open peoples' skulls to study their brains.

I probably thought it was some kind of sex metaphor?

There's something about those huge but well-shaped eyebrows, and his rather large nose. I was in gay Jewish heaven, even if he's actually Irish-Italian.
After a few episodes, my gaze drifted downward.

He was fit, had clear skin, and he had some fine chest hair. I was in love with everything about him, serial killer or not. And I've had an enduring celebrity crush ever since.

The only trouble my crush got me in, was mentioning Sylar to my SECOND gay crush when we talked about it: "He is creepy. But oh my Zeus, what a hottie!"

Jules - New Orleans, LA

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