Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nic Loves Daniel Truhitte!

I was in love with Rolfe from
"The Sound of Music." Hardcore.

I was around 6 in the early 80's, and I remember watching it on TV with my family.

I'm sure my father saw the shimmer in my eye. But I'm sure he was thinking I wished to be a puppeteer in "The Lonely Goatherd."

Nope, dad. 'Cuz in my prepubescent mind, I was slowly sticking my hands down Rolfe's lederhosen.

Yes, I'm painfully aware my first gay crush is from a musical. And yes, he turned out to be a Nazi. But that's only because Leisl didn't love him right.

Sure, she was pretty or whatever. But in my mind,
I knew that Rolfe was looking for love that only a man could fulfill. A very, very young man from the cornfields of Ohio...

Sometimes at night, I'd imagine him throwing stones at my window to get my attention. But, alas! The horrid reality was that the rural midwest had very few blond, blue eyed, muscly bicycle-telegram boys.

I don't intend to share this crush with many people, because I'm kind of afraid to admit that deep down inside: I really DO like musicals and they really DID shape my life.

Nic - Chicago, IL

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robert said...

Nothing wrong with loving musicals!
I am sure the saved the lives of many a lonely boy.