Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chazzy Loves Bluto!

My first gay crush was Bluto!
In the early 60's when I was 7-years old, I watched Popeye cartoons on TV after school.

Popeye's arch nemesis and rival for the attention of Olive Oyl was a bearded, aggressively masculine sailor named Bluto.   

Bluto had huge shoulders and curvaceous pectoral muscles that were visible right through his sailor uniform. He would try to impress Olive and intimidate Popeye by flexing his huge biceps. 

This gave Olive palpitations and would send Popeye into a jealous rage. 

The animators gave Bluto various roles like cowboy, lifeguard, lumberjack, and biker. These all made him a virile counterpoint to the wussy, spaghetti-armed Popeye

In one cartoon I remember vividly, he was a circus strongman dressed in a black speedo and yellow tank-top. He made his muscles dance, bent steel bars, and lifted huge barbells as everyone in the crowd watched in awe. 

When little goody-two-shoes Popeye ate his spinach and beat him to a pulp, it was a travesty my young mind couldn't comprehend! I tried to talk with my little friends about how cool Bluto was and how he deserved to win at least once in a while. 

But they were not having any of it. To them, Bluto was 'the bad guy' and that was that. 

I had to pretend that I liked Popeye better so that nobody would suspect that I was 'weird.' 

Chazzy - Connecticut

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Balma said...

Mine was Davy Jones. I had a life-sized poster of him over my bed, and I would cry every morning that I had to leave it to go to school.

Davy was replaced the next year by Barnabas Collins. I wanted him to bite me and take me away to live with him for eternity.

iama{GAY}tekeeper said...

I get this crush

Chuck Anziulewicz said...

Personally I preferred 1930s Bluto, but that's just me.

toycoon said...

For cartoon hunks, my money is on the sexy Race Bannon from the show Jonny Quest.