Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Robert Loves Race Bannon!

My first gay crush was Race Bannon!

Back as a 7-year old Midwesterner, I'd had passing crushes on male classmates and a few female cousins' boyfriends.

But at 9, I fell hard for Race Bannon, Jonny Quest's bodyguard.

He was tall, handsome like Rock Hudson, and prematurely grey or platinum blond. 

He had an advanced fashion sense, was a pilot, loved Jonny and pal Hadji, and kicked exotic bad-guy butt every week without sweating.

My dad was uncomfortable with my obvious affection for Race, and my little brother told everyone I loved him. Which was fodder for neighborhood bullies who already couldn't resist hassling me (even though we had the only real pool in the neighborhood at our house).

The show only lasted 2 years, just long enough to have my first real-life experience at age 11.

I dated a few Race Bannons over the years (letdowns), and when living in India, a few Hadjis too. Today I'm in my mid-50's and married to the best guy on Earth.

But Race (we remain on a first name basis) will always be my first "famous gay" crush.

Robert - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Lightning Baltimore said...

Race was more than Jonny's bodyguard!

I, too, loved the show, but I didn't really think about the subtext at the time. Jonny Quest was a little gay fantasy world! Were there ever any women in Dr. Quest or Race's world? Not that I can recall. JQ was basically two gay dads and their two sons travelling the world having exciting adventures.

thegayte-keeper said...

I get the crush, I think he is gay!

Biki said...

Loved that show! I had a crush on Race like crazy bad. Have you seen the Harvey Birdman episode where they show Race and Dr. Quest as a couple and Race is trying to get the boys in the breakup? Its quite lovely!

toycoon said...

Race Bannon was my first gay cartoon crush, too. I was fascinated by his unusual white hair and sexy voice!

SFHandyman said...

I also loved Race. I'd have to pick him as my first crush. I can't believe the show was only on 2 years. It was one of my all time favorites. I loved all the characters in that family but Race was the one who entranced me. I've never dated a Race type but I did date a few Hadjis.

That show must resonate with lots of gay boys/men. It was a couple of smart, handsome, manly men raising 2 boys and going on adventures.

Mike Road who played Race was also very handsome.