Thursday, November 18, 2021

Alyssa Loves Martha Plimpton!

My first gay crush was actress Martha Plimpton! 

I was about 6 years old when my mom showed me the 1985 movie "The Goonies" for the first time. I loved the movie so much! And I especially loved Stef, Martha's character. 

When I saw her in the movie, that was basically the first time I thought another girl was really attractive. 

I loved Martha's eyes, hair, just about everything! Not only was "The Goonies" my favorite movie (and it's still one of my faves), I loved watching it just to see Martha. She was so special to me because the movie brings me back to a lot of great memories.

But I'm pretty sure my mom didn't know that I had a crush on Martha back then. 

When I watch the movie now though, I wonder
why I had a huge crush on her. Because she's not my type at all! But she definitely helped me discover what my sexuality is.

Alyssa, Philadelphia PA

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Carl Loves Billy Mumy!

My first gay crush was Billy Mumy as Will Robinson.

He was on "Lost In Space" from 1965 to 1967. Having the hots for him at that time was not, um, pedophillic, if that's the word.

It was simply my first attraction to another boy.

Back then, I would fantasize about being transported to wherever they were in the cosmos, so I could be the friend to get him away from that rascally Dr. Smith.

Just recently, I had a dream that my husbear bought me a ticket for a trip on the Jupiter II for my birthday!

I boarded the ship with the robot, then later Will and I were talking in the galley. As we talked, our facial features morphed so that we resembled each other. But our faces became elongated, so that's how I knew it was only a dream.

But Will said he had a long lost brother. And with our strong resemblance, we concluded that I was his long lost brother! As my heart fluttered (and not from too much caffeine this time), I awakened. 

When I told my husbear about my dream (hoping he would somehow make it a reality for my next birthday), he was mad that I left with the robot to board the Jupiter II. What did he think I'd do, leave the robot with him? No way!

This was my first gay crush and this was MY dream! I think my husbear is the only person I've ever told this to until today. 

I was a much younger man in my dreams. Aren't we all? Yeah well, time flies don't it?

Carl - Honesdale, Pennsylvania

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Victor Loves Alan Bates!

My first gay crush was British actor Alan Bates.

It all started with the 1966 film, "Georgy Girl," which I'd been watching on television (NBC's 'Saturday Night at the Movies') in the late 60's.

Though Bates is unrelentingly adorable and roguish throughout the movie, one sequence in particular is burned into my brain: it's when he is running after Georgy through a rainstorm, declaring his love.

And when he gets to the apartment, he begins to walk towards the camera, calling out to her while stripping off his clothes -- down to his soaking wet tightey whities!

That sight of Mr. Bates in his underwear became the central image in the fantasies of a 12-year old boy who had no idea what being "gay" even meant.

The rest, as they say, is history..."

Victor - Chicago, Illinois 

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

David Loves Hart Bochner!

My first gay crush was actor Hart Bochner!

What's hotter than a super ripped (and wet!) young Dennis Quaid in cutoff jeans in the 70's movie "Breaking Away"? 

Hart Bochner wearing his tiny speedo and gold chain!

I spent my gay puberty humping a bicycle around the campus of Arizona State University, and Hart was the quintessential example of the thousands of handsome young men I saw everywhere I looked.

He got typecast as the asshole fratboy and was even sexier dressed in a monk's robes for "Terror Train" with Jamie Lee Curtis. Spoiler alert - Tranny Murderer! And it's NOT Jamie Lee!

He finally got to be a good guy in "Rich and Famous," a remake of a fun old Bette Davis movie, but had to sleep with an aging Jacqueline Bissett. He plays a reporter from Rolling Stone magazine - how sexy is that! He eventually dumps her for a young Meg Ryan, if you can imagine her young. That's how old I am 'cuz I saw it in the theater!

His final sexy role was the love interest of New Age witch turned super-villain Faye Dunaway in "Supergirl," a deservedly underrated film. He was her landscaper, and stayed sweaty and unshaven most of the film. Faye casted her love spell on him, making him dumb as a puppy and just as loyal, launching him into ultra sexy strata!  

After that, I lost track of him. I recommend watching all of these movies, including the Bette Davis. Aloha.

'Ukulele Davey' - Maui, Hawaii

Crushmaster's note:
Hart just turned 60 and still looks damn fine! :)

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Frank Loves Mike Henry!

My first gay crush was super hot actor Mike Henry.

He was an ex-football star who ended up playing Tarzan in three 1960’s movies.

In the early 70's, at around age 10, a friend of mine showed me a movie magazine about Tarzan films and there was a photo spread on Mike Henry.

The man was all muscles and chest hair and chiseled features.  

And I felt something tingling inside me. 

I found him very, very attractive.  
I talked my friend into giving me that magazine, which I kept for years. No one knew about my crush because homophobia was at its zenith back then.

But I never forgot about Mike Henry.

“Body by Michelangelo” was his catchphrase.
Which was a pretty good description!

Frank - New Haven, Connecticut

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