Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Henry Loves Fred Dryer!

My first gay crush? Actor Fred Dryer!

When I was around 12, I used to stay up late and read in the family TV room, as I liked the silence. I have a big family, so getting some time just for myself was rare. 

Then one night in 1984, I was bored of reading and I switched on the TV. There was a show called "Hunter" just starting. I was just about to change the channel, 'cuz police shows were not my thing. 

But then, I saw HIM. 

A tall hunk of MAN with broad shoulders, black sunglasses, and tight blue jeans. I had never seen a man with a huge bulge like the one he had!  

Of course, I was sold. 

I watched the show and sat very close to the TV so I wouldn't miss any scenes of his very visible bulge.

As this was "pre Internet searching" all I could do was watch the re-runs at night to get my fill.

And when I went to bed, I would dream that he would stand in front of me, grabbing my arm and placing my hand on his growing bulge...

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Jonathan Loves David Cassidy!

My first gay crush? Duh! David Cassidy!

From the time "The Partridge Family" first aired in 1970, David Cassidy was the preferred boy idol of the girls in my grade school.

Which lands this crush during my tween years. 

Fronting the fictional family band, he sang one of their most popular hits: "I Think I Love You" - 
a full out ode to being fearlessly in love!

But then in the Spring of 1972, Annie Leibovitz's "Splendor in the Grass" portrait of him ran on the cover of Rolling Stone!

And I felt something truly illicit when I acquired a copy of it. 

However, my feelings were hidden away at the time.

But they fueled endless fantasies of David and I rolling around naked in the grass (for starters).

Looking at it today, I would still like to roll around naked in the grass with him!!!

Jonathan - Staten Island, NY

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Chris Loves Sean Connery!

My first gay crush? Actor Sean Connery!

Unlike a lot of the entries here, my tastes tend to run to older guys, and it was certain situations on TV that I found totally titillating. 

Such as "The Rifleman" and "My Favorite Martian," where there was an older/younger male couple living together.

Or even two men against the world scenarios, like "The Wild Wild West." So I loved hotties like Chuck Connors, Bill Bixby, and Robert Conrad. 

But honestly, the man who hit the biggest nerve was Sean Connery. 

I’d always loved him in the "James Bond" films.

But when I first saw "Zardoz" (at age 13 in 1974) with a mostly-naked Sean running around and being probed? 

That got me popping wood.

To this day I still believe Sean Connery epitomizes masculinity and he will forever get my vote for the Sexiest Man Ever.

Chris, Los Angeles CA

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Andy Loves Val Kilmer!

My first gay crush was Val Kilmer as Batman!

It was 1995, and I was 9 years old at the time.
I had always loved Batman, so when "Batman Forever" came out, of course I HAD to see it. 

From the first time I saw Val Kilmer as Batman,
I was smitten. Oh, those intense eyes, pouty lips, great body and tight little butt! Who could resist someone who was so -- MALE!?

Val was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen! And then there was his voice. The kind of soft, sensual voice that could just make you cream your jeans! WHOO DOGGIE, WHAT A MAN! 

I swoon a little bit now just thinking about it.

There was no doubt in my mind that he was the man of my dreams. That is until I discovered Jonathan Taylor Thomas, but that's a whole other story!

I still have my "Batman Forever" movie poster. 
I would probably still drool over it today! LOL!

Andy, Phoenix Arizona 

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Steven Loves Scott Bakula!

My first gay crush was actor Scott Bakula!

I was age 13 in 1991, and I fell madly in love with Scott on "Quantum Leap."

He had those kind eyes and that big nose. And even though he was so big and strong, he had that sweet voice.

I wanted him to hold me tight, and kiss me all over my face.

I watched way too much TV back then, and had simultaneous crushes on the dad from "The Wonder Years," Ken Howard from "Coach," and basically the entire cast of "Wings" (particularly Antonio the cab driver).

But Scott was the first guy I seriously thought about kissing and making out with. While I had no idea what to do in bed, I did know that every time he took his shirt off, I didn't want to look away.

No one ever knew about my crush, and I pretended that I had the hots for Paula Abdul every time the video for "Promise Of A New Day" would show on VH1.

I'd always agree with my best friend that Paula looked so hot dancing in that grass. Little did he know I was actually hot for Scott!

Steven - Frederick, MD

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