Friday, April 8, 2016

David Loves Leigh McCloskey!

My first gay crush was actor Leigh McCloskey!

It was the mid-70's, and on "Dallas" he played Mitch, the hot boyfriend of that slutty little midget, Lucy Ewing

What a waste! 

And it's only in hindsight that I realize the absolute lust I had for this man. It's kind of funny, because he is so not my type now. 

But back then? He was a golden-maned god with perfect white teeth and the bluest eyes this side of Lake Tahoe. He was the male equivalent of Farrah Fawcett-Majors. Beautiful! 

I really do believe that I was straight before his appearance on the show.

Such was his power, that every time I saw him in a magazine or in some TV movie - "Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn" was my favorite; he played a male hooker - it was instant boner time. 

Leigh brought out my inner-homo. As I had no concept for how to deal with these shameful feelings, I just jacked off a lot and did everything I could to look exactly like him. 

Even to the point of turning my hair to straw with lemon juice and wearing lots of terry-cloth and short shorts. If I couldn't have him, I'd be him!

That was my thinking at the time.

And the whole fandango came to an abrupt end when BJ McKay ran over poor Goldilocks Lucy with his big red truck. It was at that point I realized brunettes were my thing. And I spanked that monkey like there was no tomorrow.

David - Los Angeles, CA

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Monday, March 7, 2016

Cory Loves Devon Sawa!

My first gay crush was teen actor Devon Sawa!

I'd known since I was about age 7 that I didn't feel about girls the way I felt about boys.

So I'd pretty much accepted that I was gay by that point.

One summer day in 1996 at age 13, I came upon a special issue Tiger Beat featuring the movie "Wild America" starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and an actor I'd never heard of before named - Devon Sawa.

One look at Devon's blonde, angelic, masculine features, those gorgeous blue eyes, full lips and taut frame wrapped up in that leather jacket, spotless white t-shirt, and tight blue jeans? 

My heart actually leaped into my throat!

I'd had never (and still to this day have never) fallen so hard and so instantaneously in my life! 

For the next three years, Devon consumed my every waking thought. I immediately found every movie he'd done to that point.

I literally rewound the nude scene in "Now & Then" so many times I wore out the VHS tape!

Devon disappeared for a bit after "Wild America" but I was very pleased to see him make a resurgence on TV.

And I was even more delighted to see that Devon, like a fine wine, has vastly improved with age. 

He's not just beautiful anymore, he's now a very sexy, full-grown man. 

But I still feel a bit of nostalgia for the boy I used to crush over, dreaming of him lying next to me in my bed, with him wrapped in my arms.

Cory - Wyoming, Michigan

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mark Loves Kent McCord!

My first gay crush was actor Kent McCord!

I was 12 years old when I stayed up until 9pm watching "Adam-12" on WNBC in New York.

And that's when I first saw that handsome duo: 

Kent McCord as Officer Jim Reed and Martin Milner as Pete Malloy.

I was glued to the screen, and couldn't believe Kent's chiseled perfection and piercing blue eyes! 

Martin Milner was good looking too, but I never 'stained the sheets' wet dreaming about him.

It was my mission since then to move to Los Angeles, and in my fantasy, to be 'cuffed' by Officer Reed. He is so handsome and probably isn't even aware of his sex on a stick persona.

I did actually move to LA years later, but I never met Mr. McCord in the 25 years I lived in the Valley. Which is probably a good thing.

I honestly don't know if I would've thrown myself at him (even if Mrs. McCord or his 2 children were in tow), or simply drooled as I stuttered like a teenager in heat asking for an autograph!

He is STILL handsome now as a silver fox.

My fantasies have subsided, but he will always take my breath away. I own 5 seasons of "Adam-12" and will pop in a DVD at least twice a month to relive my first crush. 

Wow, a 40 year CRUSH! Who knew?

Mark - Hemet, California

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wayne Loves Peter Tork!

My first gay crush was The Monkees' Peter Tork!

I was around 9 years old when The Monkees premiered on NBC. 

At that age I was also a big fan of music like The Beatles and Paul Revere & The Raiders.

I loved reading 16, Flip, and Tiger Beat magazines, all of them cover to cover. 

But I could never actually "see" my heroes, except in the movies.  

I remember seeing The Beatles' "Help!" in the Pascack Theatre in Westwood, NJ. All the girls in the theatre screamed the whole time!

With The Monkees, it was like I got to spend a half hour with my new "fave raves:" Davy, English and my height (LOL); Mickey, the perfect class clown; and Mike, the mature, responsible one. 

And then there was Peter. He seemed like someone I wanted to live next door, to be best friends with. 

Sometime in the summer of 1968, one of the mags printed a two-page "Body Painting" photo of Peter. There he was, no shirt, almost down to his belly.  

I grabbed my markers and started designing Peter with groovy psychedelic patterns and colors. I remember lying on our living room floor, on my stomach, drawing circles and squares around his nipples, his pecs, and felt some sort of stirring in my 11-year old loins. So I guess you could say that coloring Peter's poster induced my puberty!

Forty or so years later, I met him, and he is a super nice guy. And still cute! I didn't tell him about him being a catalyst in my becoming a man, but I certainly remembered!

Wayne - Ridgefield Park, NJ

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Jeff Loves Donnie Osmond!

My first gay crush was dreamy Donnie Osmond!   

I was 10 years old, and growing up as a gay boy in the 1970's was a magical experience.  

Back then, my sister bought all of the popular teen magazines, such as "Tiger Beat" (my FAVORITE), "16" and "Teen Beat." We read them from cover to cover, and trust me, those magazines were dog-eared and tattered when we were done with them!  

My sister also had a set of Donny Osmond bubble gum cards, which I snatched away. I saved them in a dresser drawer and would pull them out whenever I wanted to imagine myself kissing his luscious, lovely lips.  

I kept my Donny Osmond desire a secret from my family. But to this day, I am still partial to dark haired men with pretty white teeth and full lips.  

Thank you for all you do for the gay community with your blogs. You are much appreciated!  

Jeff - Wichita, Kansas 

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