Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dita Loves Kellie Martin!

I had MANY girl crushes growing up:
Madonna, Debbie Gibson, and Joyce DeWitt. 

But no one warmed my heart like Kellie Martin.

Her character Becca Thatcher from "Life Goes On" was sweet, awkward, nerdy, kindhearted. I wanted nothing more than to be her friend.

I identified with her frustrations and vulnerabilities dealing with school and family. I felt no one else understood her the way I did.

My crush evolved to full devotion when I got a teen magazine that featured Kellie in a bathing suit from "Wild & Crazy Kids" on Nickleodeon.

She was like a goddess.

Even drenched and wet, she looked perfect. Her smile can send my heart all a flutter to this day.

I've continued to follow her career through "Christy," "ER," and the "Mystery Woman" series. I even follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

She molded my idea of what I look for in another woman in my adult life today.

I even had an ex-girlfriend I called "My Becca" because she reminded me so much of Kellie.

Dita - California

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.dita. said...

I can now die fulfilled and content. Kellie just tweeted me about this blog!

"Aw, so sweet! Thank you! RT @dita_ink: @Kellie_Martin @BornThisWayBlog My First Gay Crush: Dita Loves Kellie Martin!"

The internet makes dreams come true!!! hahahah