Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mark Loves Chad Lowe!

I was 16 when I had my first gay crush on Chad Lowe,
and his character Jesse McKenna on "Life Goes On"

I had a mild interest in the show "Life Goes On" when it first came on, but as soon as they introduced Jesse McKenna, I was like, "WHO IS that dreamy guy?"

It was revealed that his character was dealing with HIV/AIDS, and this made my heart break for the character, and love him even more.

Chad gave such an incredible performance. And soon 
I daydreamed of being able to comfort
Jesse, embrace him, and tell him I loved him.

I was grappling with being gay and actually had a girlfriend at the time. She wondered why I was so fixated with the show. But a thousand horses would never have been able to drag it out of me, that it was because of Chad Lowe. Haha!

Mark - Toronto, Canada
Life Goes On: The Complete First SeasonCHAD LOWE 8x10 COLOR PHOTOAn Early Frost

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