Monday, June 23, 2014

Sophie Loves Kate Winslet!

My first gay crush was actress Kate Winslet. 

At age 9, I totally fell for her in 1997. To me, she was simply the most beautiful creature in existence. 

There was just something about her that made me dizzy and made my heart ache.

I would stare at her picture for hours and try to draw her, dreaming up all sorts of plots and scenarios in which I'd get to meet her. I remember busily collecting "Titanic" posters and pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio with my friends. I had a strange little crush on Leonardo as well, which, in retrospect, seems just as gay?

I remember asking them, 'But don't you just think KATE WINSLET is b e a u t i f u l ?' I couldn't understand why they weren't as into her as I was.

My mom said I was too young to see "Titanic," so we rented "Sense & Sensibility" instead. 

I remember being terrified there would be a nude scene, and everyone would be able to tell what I was thinking. 

Kate just tore a hole in my heart that day. 
And even without a nude scene, I was blushing and excited all over throughout the entire film. 

Sophie - Vienna, Austria

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