Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dave Loves Pernell Roberts!

My first gay crush was Pernell Roberts
on TV's "Bonanza."

Growing up in rural Mississippi in the 60's, I busied myself with the world of television.

My other fave shows were "The Fugitive" (especially for David Janssen) and "Lost In Space." 

But I felt Dr. Smith was rather "queeny," and I wondered why Will Robinson's parents allowed their son around such a flamboyant man.

Matt Dillon on "Gunsmoke" was another arousal back then, too. But it was seeing Pernell Roberts' chest hair on "Bonanza" that sealed it for me - that I was not like the other boys in the neighborhood.

And, I wasn't concentrating on how to play Cowboys & Indians - I was concentrating on him.

I'd hoped when the cast of "Bonanza" was in town at the state fair that I'd get to meet him. 

Instead, they sent Michael Landon to represent the cast, and it was my older brother who was fascinated to meet him.

And for me, to this day, a man with a hairy chest will always get my fancy. Thanks to Pernell Roberts.

Dave - Jackson, MS

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