Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dottie Loves Lynda Carter!

I had 3 gay crushes. Is that wrong?

My first gay crush was on
Wonder Woman in the 70's.

Actually, it was for Lynda Carter, who played Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman.

I loved how she ran around in almost nothing in high heels, using the golden bracelets to protect her from harm.

The way she twirled around and flung the Lasso Of Truth was phenomenal. I wanted to take a ride with her in that invisible airplane.

My second gay crush was in 1988, during the time I was working on my masters degree. I needed a break, so a friend and I went to see "DOA" with Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan. During the movie, I thought a lot about her. She was so pretty and cute, and I sought out other movies she starred in.

My third gay crush was Geena Davis' character in "The Long Kiss Goodnight." I loved the way she kicked ass in that movie.

Dottie - Redmond, WA
Wonder Woman: The Complete CollectionD.O.A.The Long Kiss Goodnight

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