Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chazzy Loves Bluto!

My first gay crush was Bluto!
In the early 60's when I was 7-years old, I watched Popeye cartoons on TV after school.

Popeye's arch nemesis and rival for the attention of Olive Oyl was a bearded, aggressively masculine sailor named Bluto.   

Bluto had huge shoulders and curvaceous pectoral muscles that were visible right through his sailor uniform. He would try to impress Olive and intimidate Popeye by flexing his huge biceps. 

This gave Olive palpitations and would send Popeye into a jealous rage. 

The animators gave Bluto various roles like cowboy, lifeguard, lumberjack, and biker. These all made him a virile counterpoint to the wussy, spaghetti-armed Popeye

In one cartoon I remember vividly, he was a circus strongman dressed in a black speedo and yellow tank-top. He made his muscles dance, bent steel bars, and lifted huge barbells as everyone in the crowd watched in awe. 

When little goody-two-shoes Popeye ate his spinach and beat him to a pulp, it was a travesty my young mind couldn't comprehend! I tried to talk with my little friends about how cool Bluto was and how he deserved to win at least once in a while. 

But they were not having any of it. To them, Bluto was 'the bad guy' and that was that. 

I had to pretend that I liked Popeye better so that nobody would suspect that I was 'weird.' 

Chazzy - Connecticut

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dane Loves Scott Baio!

My first gay crush was Scott Baio!

Back in the 8th grade, "Happy Days" was the only good thing on TV. 

Then they introduced Fonzie’s younger cousin Chachi. And I was way gay for him, and his adorable, almond eyes. 

My hair back then was just like his, so I started wearing an army shirt. I wanted to make myself a muscle shirt too, but my mom refused to let me cut the sleeves off.  

When Erin Moran dated Chachi I almost died. 

I hated freckle-faced Joanie! 

Of course, my crush on Chachi was a shameful secret, because I would have been pounded. Nobody in my school at that time admitted to being gay. But since I could draw, in the privacy of my bedroom, I rendered Chachi naked. Then I drew a black swimsuit over him to cover his naughty bits.

My brother found the drawings and wrote:
“Who is this fag?!” So much for likenesses!

Next, I tried stealing glances at his picture in an issue of Teen Beat, and I was busted ogling his naked torso by the guys working at 7-11. 

They laughed their asses off, and I was beyond humiliated!

Then I heard Scott would be signing autographs at the Auto Show. I didn’t have the guts to go, but my friend Julianne did. And he said to her, quote: “Hi. How’s it going?” Ohhh! 
I would have melted in a pool on the floor along with all the other 13-year old girls! 

Except for the fact that I was a boy.

And yup, I would have been pounded! 

Dane - Brooklyn, NY ________________________________________

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Erin Loves Natalie Portman!

My first gay crush was actress Natalie Portman.

It was in the year 2000, the year after "The Phantom Menace" hit theaters.

I was 8-years old when I finally embraced my geeky side, because I became a total "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" nerd.

And one of the reasons was Natalie Portman.

I consider her to be my first real crush.

She was so strong on the screen as Padme Amidala, and that inner strength and beauty colored all of her subsequent roles. 

I could also see that in "V For Vendetta" when she was playing Evie Hammond - and sported that wonderful buzz cut at the end!

My wildest fantasies came true when I saw her as ballerina Nina in the amazing film "Black Swan," where she was in bed with Mila Kunis. 

By that point I was sixteen, and it was then that I realized that I was lesbian. And nothing made me feel more warm and tingly than seeing two beautiful women in bed together.

I came out on February 14th 2012 because I was tired of being alone on Valentine's Day. So here's to not being alone next year!

Erin, Vermont

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thomas Loves Matthew Lawrence!

My first gay crush was actor Matthew Lawrence.

I first became aware of him on the show "Blossom" in 1991, when he played a younger version of his real-life brother Joey’s character in the show.

I was 12, and saw him shirtless in a scene. And I just remember feeling this… flutter, I guess.

And when he played Robin William's son in "Mrs Doubtfire," I was just totally crazy over him.

I don't think I've missed anything he's ever been in. And I promise you, he's been in some bad stuff. But all he'd have to do is smile and I couldn't take my eyes off him.

At 13 years old, I found out he was born Feb. 11, 1980 - just 9 days from my own birthday - which made me giddy. I would fantasize about meeting him, and telling him this quirky fact. We'd hit it off and it would be like fate.

Next we'd be alone, him laying on top of me with his tongue in my mouth. Of course, that fantasy usually ended with me hiding in my room, taking my "daydreaming" to it's natural conclusion.

Here it is 2013, and I still really do have a crush on this gorgeous man. It's pretty well known now among family and friends that I am utterly infatuated with this guy.

I recently discovered a scene he did from an indie movie called "Trucker." He's in a sex scene, and even though it’s with a woman, mentally I'm switching her out for me every time I watch it. 

Which is probably once a day!

Thomas - Corning, NY

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Chuck Loves Roy Rogers!

My first gay crush was actor Roy Rogers (and more!)

My dad bought our family our first TV in 1952.

At age 5, my favorite shows at the time were "The Roy Rogers Show" and "Howdy Doody," which ran old movie serials like "Flash Gordon."

Secretly, Roy Rodgers was my hero. I hugged and kissed my pillow as I fell asleep, pretending it was him.

Then, the first time I saw Buster Crabbe running around shirtless, drenched in sweat, I was hooked. He became my hero too, and gave me a funny feeling in my gut. 

Later on, Lloyd Bridges also became my hero. The excitement I felt when I saw him in Speedos left me baffled. And I never missed an episode of "Sea Hunt." 

There was no name for my feelings back then, and I told no one about them. All I knew was that these were all rough and tumble guys. And all I wanted to do was to put my arms around each of them and just hold them. 

Chuck - Rutland, Vermont

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Friday, March 8, 2013

James Loves Jay North!

My first gay crush was child actor Jay North.

Dennis the Menace (played by Jay North) was my boy crush in the early 1960's. Every Sunday night at 6:30pm his show would be on, and I never missed it.

I was 9 years old when I started watching it, and I remember this one episode were Dennis was sick in bed.

Dennis had to have his chest rubbed down with vapor rub. When he unbuttoned his pajama top and exposed his bare chest, I got all excited. Oh, how I wanted to be the one to rub his chest and tummy with the vapor rub.

My Grandma would always say to me, "You sure do like that cute little boy, don't you?" And I would answer her, "I sure do, Grandma. I wish Dennis could come and stay with me sometime!"

Yep! I sure had a huge crush on Dennis.

James - Wisconsin

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