Thursday, June 30, 2011

David Loves Corey Hart!

My first gay crush was singer Corey Hart!

Seeing the video for "Sunglasses At Night" started it for me...

Corey Hart had such a smoldering, sexy look that I totally fell for.

As he's from Canada,
I found his slight foreign accent to be especially intriguing.

I followed his career, reaching the peaking point of my crush with his album, "Boy In The Box."

I remember reading an interview in Bop Magazine about how he got his hair so spiky. His answer? Toothpaste. So I gave it a try to be like him. It didn't work on my hair that well, but it did smell minty fresh that day.

My crush on Corey was a secret, but I would tear out the full page pics of him in Bop and 16 magazines, and put them on my bedroom wall. I felt like it wasn't as obvious, since I had Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Wham! posters up there in the mix, too.

David - Los Angeles, CA
Boy In The BoxSunglasses At NightCorey Hart: The Complete Aquarius Years 1983-1990, Chapter 1 - Life Is a Video

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Paul Loves Prince Eric!

I was 9-years old when Prince Eric from "The Little Mermaid" stole my heart.

He was chiseled, sensitive, and able to maintain a perfect coif at all times - even against strong sea winds!

And of course, he's royalty.

One day, I remember going shopping with my mom in search of birthday presents for my younger sister.

I came across a book of Disney paper dolls. While my sister had no interest in them, I tried desperately to convince Mom otherwise. I just had to have that picture of Prince Eric in his underwear!

I suppose a cartoon prince was the safest crush for a gay, Midwestern boy from a conservative family. I mean, he wasn't even 3-dimensional. 

Sitting in religion class at my Catholic school, I filled the perimeters of my notebooks with doodles of Prince Eric, all the while learning about the "evils of homosexuality."

That year our family took a beach vacation.

I ventured out into the water by myself one evening. With nothing but waves as far as I could see, it was easy to imagine being swept away and washing up on a distant shore.

Someplace where a handsome prince would be waiting to rescue me — and make me "part of his world."

Paul - Columbus, OH

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Victor Loves Mike Patton!

My first gay crush was in 1990, for 
Faith No More singer Mike Patton.

I was about 7-years old when I discovered my first real crush, because I was OBSESSED with MTV.

I remember the video for "Epic" coming out, and hearing all the controversy over the flopping fish at the end of the video.

At the time, I didn't realize what I was feeling about singer Mike Patton, so I thought about it in a very child-like way. I remember telling my mom that I wanted to look like him when I grew up. I had a major thing for his long hair and I loved the song, even as a kid.

I think it is hilarious now as an adult, that the first crush I remember is now someone I respect as a prolific musician. And I still think he's hot.

Victor - Washington, DC
Faith No More - Live at Brixton Academy You Fat B**tardsFaith No More Singer Mike Patton 8"x10" Color Concert PhotoThe Branding of MTV: Will Internet Kill the Video Star

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Zach Loves Jonathan Taylor Thomas!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was
most certainly my first gay crush.

It was the 90's and he was on a little hit show called "Home Improvement". It all started when I was about 12.

In fact, my crush on him helped me to begin to come to terms with my sexuality.

He was cute, funny, and I adored him. Being about the same age, he and I basically grew up together, as he and his career grew.

I always found him to be a comfort when times were difficult for me growing up.

My friends and family didn't know about my crush, because I wasn't out to them then. But they were
well aware that I was a fan, as I had a small collection of his pictures from teen magazines.

It was still good times when we all went to see
"Wild America" and "Tom & Huck" at the movies - even
if I was one of the only few guys in the theater. :)

Zach – Moreno Valley, CA

Home Improvement - The Complete Third SeasonSigned Thomas, Jonathan Taylor 8x10 PhotoWild America

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

David Loves Chuck Connors!

Actor Chuck Connors was
my first gay crush.

I was a little boy in the 1950's, and one of my all time favorite TV shows was "The Rifleman."

And it was totally because of that hunk of a man, named Chuck Connors.

He made this little gay boy swoon. I was riveted to his every move in his tight jeans, which always accentuated his muscular legs and butt.

He played Lucas McCain and Johnny Crawford played Mark,
his little boy.

I wanted to be Mark, who got to hug Chuck. And ride horseback with Chuck. And just be with Chuck a lot.

It was my secret, but oh how I fantasized about my crush.

David - New York, NY
The Rifleman Box Set Collection 4Chuck Connors; The Man Behind the RifleCHUCK CONNORS 8x10 COLOUR PHOTO

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Drew Loves Neil Cassady!

My first gay crush was Neil Cassady.

In 1979, when I was 15, I somehow got a copy of Jack Kerouac's "Desolation Angels." And I read it in one night.

"On The Road" followed in my collection, along with most of the rest of Kerouac's books.

I was immediately fascinated by Neil, who inspired the Dean Moriarty character. And, the relationship he shared with whatever Kerouac stand-in.

I filled up my journal thinking about a man like Neal Cassady, coming into town in a '48 Ford. And giving me a wink and telling me to hop in, as the two of us head down the highway, away from the hell of my adolescence.

Here, Neal's on the left, and Jack's on the right. To this day, what a handsome man he was.

I had this poster on my wall in college. Even though I was an English Major and closeted, I later found out that all my friends totally knew what was up with me and Neal Cassady.

"And they danced down the street like Dingledodies,
as I shambled after them..."

Drew - Palm Springs, CA
Desolation AngelsNeal Cassady: The Fast Life of a Beat HeroOn the Road: 50th Anniversary Edition

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keith Loves Kurt Russell!

My first gay crush was Kurt Russell in "Overboard!"

He first caught my eye in "Big Trouble in Little China," and my habit of seeing every movie in the mid 80's led me to a matinee screening of Kurt, and his white tank top.

The way he tucked his thumbs under his shirt drove me wild.
I was 13. 

And I've had a thing for thick, burly, meaty, hairy men ever since. There was a guy in my high school who looked a lot like him, who I ogled for 4 years while trying to not be obvious about it.

Anyway, I try to play down this first crush due to his mullet. Hey, I wasn't looking at what was on his head! But I feel no embarrassment - he still looks great! I do, however, balk at admitting I went to see him in "Soldier" many years later. What a void of everything, brain-dead, non-movie that was.

Is it ironic that the first nude woman I saw in a movie was HBO's "Wildcats" - with Goldie Hawn in the bathtub? No, probably not.

So, Kurt Russell in a movie is definitely a PLUS, even though I never cared for those Snake Plissken flicks.
I think I ought to check out his 70's Disney work, eh?

Keith - Philadelphia, PA
OverboardKURT RUSSELL 8X10 COLOR PHOTOThe Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

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