Thursday, April 9, 2015

Chris Loves Sean Connery!

My first gay crush? Actor Sean Connery!

Unlike a lot of the entries here, my tastes tend to run to older guys, and it was certain situations on TV that I found totally titillating. 

Such as "The Rifleman" and "My Favorite Martian," where there was an older/younger male couple living together.

Or even two men against the world scenarios, like "The Wild Wild West." So I loved hotties like Chuck Connors, Bill Bixby, and Robert Conrad. 

But honestly, the man who hit the biggest nerve was Sean Connery. 

I’d always loved him in the "James Bond" films.

But when I first saw "Zardoz" (at age 13 in 1974) with a mostly-naked Sean running around and being probed? 

That got me popping wood.

To this day I still believe Sean Connery epitomizes masculinity and he will forever get my vote for the Sexiest Man Ever.

Chris, Los Angeles CA

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Rev. Ricky Hoyt said...

It didn't come out until 1981, I was already in high school, but I loved Sean Connery in Time Bandits. At the end of the movie he shows up as a fireman. My heart leaped as he turned around at smiles at the boy.