Friday, September 30, 2011

Steven Loves Brian Kelly!

My two gay crushes were on TV shows in the 1960's.

My first real gay crush when I was around 11, was actor Brian Kelly. 

He played the dad on "Flipper."

He was always shiny and sweaty, or in his swim trunks and scuba gear. 

His character as a strong, strict, loving father was my ultimate fantasy.

And the other was actor Vince Edwards, who played "Dr. Ben Casey." 

I was fascinated by all the dark hair on his forearms, and sometimes getting to see his chest hairs peeking out of the top of his shirt.

To this day, I am still attracted to dark Irish or Italian looking men.

Even as I look at these pictures now, they are mighty fine!

Steven - NYC, NY

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Nic said...

Thanks for reminding me of these two hunks. As a kid I just loved to see any chest hair peeking out of a man's shirt.

fjschmi said...

I was soooo in love with Dr. Casey, and considered Dr. Kildare a blonde wuss...not manly at all (ironic, eh?).

Then, of course, there was Burt Ward, Robert Conrad, Tony Dow, Ricky Nelson, Montgomery Cliff, Bobby Sherman, and Richard Crena, and I could go on and on.

Jeez, I was such a fairy!

Smalltownboy said...

Me too! How I wanted to be friends with a dolphin AND hang around with Brian Kelly and Luke Halpin in shorts!

Even now at the age of 51 I still find them both HOT!

Any man that had chest hair also set me dreaming.....Lee Majors, Burt Reynolds, Rock partner of twenty years!

Now I'm off to YouTube to find clips from Flipper!!!

MaleCeleb said...

I had forgotten about Brian Kelly even though I know i saw Flipper as a kid. I saw him on something last yr and thought wow such a handsome man so I looked him up and found he was the dad on Flipper so I started watching Flipper. Hey smalltownboy they have all the episodes on HULU and its wonderful and great video. I have enjoyed every episode of it and he and LUke both look so good shirtless and in swim attire. Brian is the ultimate dream man.

Robert Bruno said...

As a young boy of 6 years old watching the reruns of flipper, I never cared about either of the kids or the dolphin. I only cared about seeing Brian Kelly and hoping it would be an episode where he takes his shirt off...What a beautiful man. Even now I watch it and drool

scribbles online said...

Flipper is on Antenna TV Sat & Sun 6-7pm - and I tune in just to see Brian Kelly, whose scenes without a shirt are so few compared to those darn kids.

Sonny Costello said...

I'm a 58 yr old gay man,and grew up with shows like Flipper,and Lost In Space,and to this day,there are no two actors in Hollywood who were as handsome,or who've made such a lasting impression on me then Brian Kelly or Guy Williams.They were both exceptionally handsome,and both loving fathers,which showed that the character they portrayed were very loving,and being a 10 yr old boy who had lost his father really made me connect with them.Again,now being 58 I remember my attraction to these two beautiful men and now there was nothing wrong in seeing Brian Kelly with his shirt off,There;s still no man inHollywood who can hold a candle to him

Anonymous said...

De acuerdo, Brian Kelly era un hombre bellisimo.

Anonymous said...

The handsome and arousing Brian Kelly and Guy Williams could have been brothers and to this day I fantasize about what a tasty sandwich they would have made!

Anonymous said...

Brian kelly yes hold the guy williams and the mayo

Angelo Rivera said...

For me at 12 , now 31, I see reruns of the flipper show. There is a boy,forgot real name,he looks12,13 on flipper. I once turned the show off because his shirt was on. He was sexy,cute, my age back the 12 ish. He had the most sexy body, better than boys today, even bieber when he was 13. Mt crush, I actually masturbated watching flipper show when he was shirtless. I grew out of it to older guys,,,,

TheRamrod100 said...

I always had eyes for the dads on Flipper, Lost in Space and The Brady Bunch. Brian Kelly , Guy Williams , and Robert Reed.Of course Brian would be number one for me.I guess it's that face, the hairy arms and chest.Fell in love with him in The Longest Hunt too.

James R. said...

Brian Kelly was hot. Very Hot! His sweaty muscular body and dark features really turned me on. There was also the actor on Father Knows Best who played Bud. Oh my god
he was so-so cute! He had a body to match. I can't forget Robert Fuller of Laramie and
Emergency fame. Even today his dark looks and sensuality set me a blaze. Robert I believe is in his 80s today. Even today he's very sexy and manly!!

Unknown said...

Oh, the days of naturally gorgeous men - no bodies shaved smooth as newborns or artificial,chemically created muscles. Brian Kelly was a hunk of a man and yeah, I had a big crush on Robert Fuller too and the other Western Robert (Horton). James Drury? I'm there!

James R. said...

I remember seeing Brian Kelly on Flipper. His hot sweaty shirtless body was awesome. Robert Fuller was and still is quite the stud with his dark hair and all of his manhood. To touch his muscles would be quite a treat. Billy Grey of Father Knows Best was very hot and cute. Seeing Pernell Roberts was on Bonanza in all of his stud ability makes me get a tingling feeling.