Monday, March 7, 2016

Cory Loves Devon Sawa!

My first gay crush was teen actor Devon Sawa!

I'd known since I was about age 7 that I didn't feel about girls the way I felt about boys.

So I'd pretty much accepted that I was gay by that point.

One summer day in 1996 at age 13, I came upon a special issue Tiger Beat featuring the movie "Wild America" starring Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and an actor I'd never heard of before named - Devon Sawa.

One look at Devon's blonde, angelic, masculine features, those gorgeous blue eyes, full lips and taut frame wrapped up in that leather jacket, spotless white t-shirt, and tight blue jeans? 

My heart actually leaped into my throat!

I'd had never (and still to this day have never) fallen so hard and so instantaneously in my life! 

For the next three years, Devon consumed my every waking thought. I immediately found every movie he'd done to that point.

I literally rewound the nude scene in "Now & Then" so many times I wore out the VHS tape!

Devon disappeared for a bit after "Wild America" but I was very pleased to see him make a resurgence on TV.

And I was even more delighted to see that Devon, like a fine wine, has vastly improved with age. 

He's not just beautiful anymore, he's now a very sexy, full-grown man. 

But I still feel a bit of nostalgia for the boy I used to crush over, dreaming of him lying next to me in my bed, with him wrapped in my arms.

Cory - Wyoming, Michigan

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