Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Paul Loves Seann William Scott!

Thinking back, it’s hard to remember my exact first gay crush. However, the front runner to this day has to be Seann William Scott!

I had older sisters and was allowed to watch the "American Pie" movies. I was a 10 year old in Northern California when the first one came out, and I was in love. 

Yup, I was in love with the guy who played Steve Stifler. I don’t know if it was the arrogant attitude, his womanizing antics, and/or overtly sexual behavior - but boy, was I in love! He was a total jerk, but his body was perfect.

I was unaware that this would explain the type of guys I’ve dated as an adult! But besides that, I followed all his movies, and one of my favorites was “Road Trip.” 

Embarrassingly enough, it's because of the scene at a sperm bank. He gets his prostate stimulated by a woman, and watching him enjoy that was the pinnacle of prepubescent "alone time" in my room.

That eventually lead to me getting caught watching that scene on repeat. Although my sister heard the scene repeating from my room, it was still my big secret. Or so I thought!

To this day, I still get excited whenever I see him in a movie or on TV. And I can’t wait for the "American Pie Reunion"!!!

Paul - San Francisco, CA

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PVB said...

nice story! ;-)

Joe said...

Have you seen Goon? I didn't really admire the guy until I saw this movie. Before that, it was just the usual Hollywood stuff, but in Goon, there's some really brilliant acting! He convinced me there ;)

Anonymous said...

Yup. I think his performance in Goon is so remarkable. I have a crush on him since American Pie and my feeling for him is getting bigger since Goon.