Monday, May 30, 2011

Tony Loves Erik Estrada!

My first gay crush was Erik Estrada. I was 8!

And there he was as I watched every week on the "CHiPS" TV show.

Seeing Ponch in tight pants, straddling his motorcycle, was the start of it all for me.

I didn't even know what it all meant at that age, but I know I was transfixed to the show!

Tony - Philadelphia, PA


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Kevin said...

Yes, me too! I remember how excited I was when he was on the cover of "Dynamite" magazine when it came in the mail.

MaleCeleb said...

I was very young teen when he happened on the scene and I tell you he drove me wild. I agree about the tight pants and I loved that grin of his, that hair, his dark handsome looks. He was an ultimate fantasy to me during those yrs. THe man was full of sex appeal for sure oozing with sexuality. I just adored him.