Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jason Loves Jim Palmer!

My first gay crush was baseball player Jim Palmer.

I was about 8-years old and infatuated with the Jockey underwear ads featuring him.

So much so, I cut the ads out, folded them into discreet squares, and hid them in my Ziggy pencil box.

During the summer vacation, I went to stay with my grandfather in Colorado. While on vacation, I even posed like my dear Jim Palmer for pics to send back to mom.

Of course, this was my own little secret.

At the same time I was posing, at home my mother decided to surprise me by redecorating my bedroom in an "Empire Strikes Back" theme. She pulled out all the stops: Empire wallpaper, sheets, bedspread, and a Star Wars Estes Rocket hanging from the ceiling.

The one change I wasn't so excited about, was a new "Empire Strikes Back" pencil box. The minute I saw that, my heart sank. I though for sure my mother had come across my Jim Palmer in skivvies pic stash, and I would be in trouble for sure.

It's sad to think back at the idea that I would be punished for that. But now at 40, my mother and I have a good laugh about it!

Jason - San Francisco, CA
Jim Palmer Signed Orioles 8x10 Photo1987 Jim Palmer Jockey Underwear Photo Print Ad (44870)Hot Jocks: Gay Erotic Stories

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Brionity said...

I DID THE EXACT SAME THING! I kept mine in the back of books though. I cut them out of OMNI Magazine.