Thursday, May 26, 2011

Brian Loves Lance Bass!

My first gay crush was Lance Bass from *NSync

Which is strange, as I definitely didn’t know I was gay at the time.

I didn’t even know what the heck gay meant, except it’s what all the boys called you when you annoyed them.

But there was always something about Lance Bass that attracted me.

He's the reason I was on Team *NSync instead of Team Backstreet Boys.

Although, Nick Carter was nothing to sneeze at, either...

While all the girls drooled over Justin Timberlake as lead singer - and all the boys were proclaiming how gay the boy bands were, all the while ogling Britney Spears - I had my eye on Lance.

At least I had good Gaydar for a 10-year old...


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boidiva02 said...

I always liked J.C. the best from NSYNC and Kevin from Backstreet boys!

Ash said...

I am a straight woman and I was always attracted to Lance. Even when he courageously outed himself, I was still attracted. I just love gay men in general and he is a cutie-pie