Monday, May 30, 2011

Beverly Loves Robby Benson!

My first gay crush was Robby Benson
as Billy Joe McAllister in "Ode To Billy Joe."

It was summer 1976, I was 14, and my hormones were raging. The local movie theater was playing "Ode To Billy Joe".

I knew I was gay, but I was very inexperienced and still coming to terms with my sexuality.

I'd never seen Robby Benson before.

And when he came on the screen, I nearly died. Instant attraction and crush!

His face, voice, and mannerisms were so cute, and when he took off his shirt, things started to tingle in strange and interesting places. He was the first older boy/actor that I found really super attractive.

The movie's overall theme, the tragic figure he played, and the fact that he had a homosexual encounter in it made it even more titillating. The tragedy that follows was both powerful and moving, thanks to Robby's outstanding performance.

Later, I read the book that the movie was based on and contacted the author. He wrote me back saying that although Billy Joe was a fictional character, the story was loosely based on actual events.

Even today, when I hear the theme song that helped inspire the movie, sung by the sultry Bobbie Gentry, I immediately think of Billie Joe and Robby Benson.

I've followed Robby's work ever since, and I'm happy he went on to have a great career, even becoming the voice of the "Beast" for Disney. But that's another story...

He's still really attractive, but alas my crush has waned. However, the memories of that summer in '76
will last a lifetime. Thanks Robby!

Beverly - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Gregory said...

I had the same reaction to Robbie when I was a teenager growing up in Hancock, Wisconsin. He was my first movie heart-throb.

BaileySEA said...

I too was 14 when I saw this movie, and I was affected by Robby Benson in the same way. I was a young gay youth not quite comfortable in his sexuality. I got the Bobbie Gentry album, and I too read the book. I have one question for you though; so you're a man named Beverly?