Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sean Loves Matt Dillon!

Matt Dillon was my first gay crush. He still is.

It actually all started with a crush I had on Kristy McNichol, so I ran out to see "Little Darlings."

Needless to say, the moment Matt came on screen, I dumped Kristy and never looked back.

I still have a crush on Matt and have occasionally seen him out and about. And I still get all fluttery when I see him.

See, my crush won't end!

The string of movies he did after "Little Darlings" just solidified my crush, like "Rumblefish," "The Outsiders," and "My Bodyguard" - where I so needed him, as I was totally bullied myself.

What wasn't there to love about him?

Sean M - Los Angeles, CA

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Lisa said...

I think kristie mcnichol in little darlings was one of my first gay crushes!

Paul V. said...

Linda! Submit your story, girl! Email me at -