Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chuck Loves Scott Baio!

OK, so it's obvious:
Scott Baio was my first gay crush.

Well, probably not my first. My first crush was Superman when I was 5.

But that's just way too embarrassing to write about.

Scott and I were the same age when he was cast on "Happy Days." And it was love at first sight.

I immediately grew my hair like his. Unfortunately, I didn't have the matching face to go with it...

Anyway, I was such a dork, I even wrote a fan letter to the producers of "Happy Days" telling them how much better the show was with Scott. 

Is there anything more gay than that?

I think my Homo Membership Card arrived in the mail that week. But did Scott ever call to thank me for getting him "Joanie Loves Chachi"? I don't think so. But, as Chachi used to say, "Wa, wa, wa!"

Chuck - New York City, NY

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