Thursday, May 26, 2011

David Loves Greg Evigan!

My first gay crush was Greg Evigan.

I was about 13 when he starred in "B.J. & The Bear" - which sounds like the name of a porn flick now - LOL!

I was madly in love with him.

He had the perfect blend of a youthful face and a manly, furry body. He is just the type of guy that I'm still attracted to.

I spent a lot of time as an early teen looking at his shirtless pix, imagining running my fingers through his gorgeous hair. Yes, both the long lovely hair on his head, and the fur on his chest.

I also spent some time using my pillow to cuddle up with and pretend that it was Greg I was wrapping my arms around.

I also may have practiced kissing my pillow thinking about Greg, but I'll never admit to it. ;-)

David - Euless, TX

Inspired by the "Born This Way Blog" 


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boidiva02 said...

I loved Greg Evigan too, although it wasn't until "My Two Dads" about a decade later than you crushed on him. but still good choice!