Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bill Loves John Phillip Law!

My first crush was John Phillip Law in
"The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming"

Although 1966 seems about as far away to me as the Paleolithic Age, I can still vividly recall the night I saw "The Russians Are Coming" at the old Manor Theater in San Mateo, CA.

I was 13, and when John Phillip Law came on the screen wearing his Russian submariner sweater and speaking with that thick 'Hollywood' Russian accent - I could feel my heart begin to race!

His 'love' interest on the screen was some generic blond (I think she was famous as the first Clairol Summer Blond girl), but when he gazed longingly into her eyes and spoke his romantic lines, everything else faded to black and it was just me and him.

Needless to say, I was first in line when "Barbarella" opened!

Bill - Oakland, CA
The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are ComingLaw, John Phillip Autographed/Hand Signed 8x10 Photo B&W (P)Barbarella Movie Poster (11 x 14 Inches - 28cm x 36cm) (1967) French Style B -(Jane Fonda)(John Phillip Law)(David Hemmings)(Marcel Marceau)(Anita Pallenberg)(Milo O'Shea)

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see a shout out to the Manor Theater in San Mateo. I used to see kids movies there on Saturday morning in the early 70's.

lucy bond said...

I clearly remember seeing "The Russians are Coming " at The Pitt Theatre in New Orleans, Louisiana around 1966. Seeing John Phillip Law come onto the screen ----(I was 12 yrs old) ---- I immediately felt "internal combustion". I thought he was so gorgeous. OMG. That tall gorgeous guy in those Black Russian Military clothes walking on the beach with gorgeous Andrea Drom. As a 12 year old I remember thinking "I don't think the Russians are that bad. I'd be okay with marrying one when I grow up". I also had a crush on Alan Arkin --- and still do till this day in 2018. I also remember Eva Marie Saint as being very beautiful and Carl Reiner. The kid in the movie was hysterical.
I've been in love with anything Russian to this day. I 'll always remember when the kid fell down the roof of the church and everyone dropped their political differences, came together to save the child. It was so great.
What a great movie this was. Sad that John Phillip Law died a few years ago ---- and Brian Keith committed suicide. Wish I could go back to those times. Life seemed so simple.