Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jennifer Loves Julie Andrews!

My first gay crush was Victor Grezinski of "Victor/Victoria," with Julie Andrews
in the starring role.

It was Christmas 1984, just before my 12th birthday, and my whole family watched this movie together.

I felt completely betrayed when Victor gave up her life in drag to be with a man. And I only wanted to be alone with my feelings.

Afterwards, I was in a sort of daze and obsessed with this person, indeed jealous that others might get to know her as I did. I fantasized about meeting her, and what I'd say to her. Unfortunately, I was 21 before I felt comfortable enough to explain my fascination with her!

Though many others followed, she remains my first crush.

Jennifer - North Carolina
Victor/VictoriaThe Drag King BookJULIE ANDREWS 8x10 COLOR PHOTO

Inspired by the "Born This Way Blog" - www.BornThisWayBlog.com

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