Monday, May 30, 2011

Jordy Loves Scott Thompson!

My first gay crush was Scott Thompson
from "Kids In The Hall."

My parents must have left a 12-year old me alone with our TV, and our one and only channel, CBC. Because I know I wasn't allowed to watch "Kids in the Hall." But what kid listens to their parents?

I saw the beautiful blonde Scott in a sketch where he declares to the other members of the troupe that he's gay.

And I finally found out what the Catholic school kids on the bus were calling me. 'Gay' meant a man who thought other men were cute. I thought the other Kids were cute, too. Well, except for Kevin...

So how could 'gay' be wrong?

Of course, I had to hide it in my conservative town. But seeing Scott be so free about his sexuality in the early 90's was an inspiration.

I don't know that I would be here today without Scott to look up to, especially his flamboyant character Buddy Cole. Finally being able to see someone like myself was a revelation.

Jordy - British Columbia, Canada
The Kids in the Hall: Complete Series Megaset 1989-1994Buddy Babylon: The Autobiography of Buddy ColeI'm Gay

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George said...

Loved this post Jordy. Probably doesn't hurt that I have kind-of a thing for Jordi Laforge from Star Trek but that's neither here nor je ne sais quoi. Scott was an inspiration to me as well as a young man trying to find His sexuality in a small town, mine being Timmins Ont.
The home of one other (honourary) Kid, Paul Bellini who just happens to be my partner. I still don't know quite how I managed to make it through my first chance encounter some 18 yrs ago. I had stopped in to visit Paul (Bellini) and in comes walking Paul with Scott and I did my best "Oh yah you ok let's move on" I could possibly do for the remainder of our visit.

Even now having Him as a friend I think back to that first visit and wonder how I possibly contained myself! So cheers to you Jordy if it happened for me ....who knows..?? (last I heard Scott was single)