Thursday, January 26, 2012

John Loves Vince Van Patten!

My first gay crush was actor Vince Van Patten!

I had a habit of staring at my sister's Bobby Sherman poster, sneaking her Tiger Beat magazines into my room, and being very into Lance Kerwin from TV's "James At 15."

But my first, real, "OMG!" gay crush was at age 9 in 1975, and saw Vince Van Patten on the TV show, "Apple's Way."

He started my infatuations with blond, surfer types. As a skinny kid with boring brown hair, it was a type I wanted, and wanted to be.

In addition to acting, Vince played tennis, and seeing him in those tight, 1970's tennis shorts made me feel all funny inside.

John - Portland, OR

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sbonnet2007 said...

Thanks for the memories, Vince was one of my first crushes too. And he still looks pretty hot today.


Joel Fogelsanger said...

Yes.. Definitely had a big crush on Vincent Van Patten. Never missed an episode of Apple's Way just to see him.