Monday, November 14, 2011

Marcus Loves Jan-Michael Vincent!

My first gay crush was actor Jan-Michael Vincent.

When the summer of 1973 came around, my mom was working part time at the mall, and my sister and I would go with her and hang out there. 

This was also when malls had one or two movie screens inside.

One day, the movie we all saw was "The World's Greatest Athlete." And oh my stars!

When I caught sight of Nanu (Vincent's character),
I remember audibly inhaling and my sister asking if I was okay. He was stunning to me.

I recall spending the rest of the summer pretending that he and I were friends in the jungle after he rescued me. And he'd take me swinging on vines, swimming in lagoons, and hunting tigers. Ahh, summer.

I remember still crushing on him when "Damnation Alley" came out in 1977. Although the young Jackie Earl Hailey was also on my gay radar. Double score!

Marcus - San Antonio, TX

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Lightning Baltimore said...

Damnation Alley ruled! Or, at least, 14-year-old me thought it did. I've not seen it since its big screen debut, though, so I might've been confused.

Jackie Earl was quite the little badass. Speaking of him, I remember being bummed when the boys refused to wear jocks in Bad News Bears. :(

springb said...

Man, you must have LOVED "Buster and Billie"!